The Inner Winter

Learn to appreciate your Inner Winter

I’ve come to a deeper understanding of how crucial the cycles are in our lives. And this includes the ‘inner’ seasons that we move through. These are the phases of the journey we take inside ourselves.

Each inner season that we move through has its gifts and challenges. In our world, there is so much focus on spring and summer when it’s all about progress, growth, manifestation and connecting with others. As beautiful as those seasons are, there is so much value in our own Inner Winter.

Are you currently in your Inner Winter? I am and I know it takes time to fully appreciate it. We usually resist it at first (I did!) and try to push forward no matter what. But this is not the time for “doing” as much as it is for “being”:




Crafting intentions we are yet to act on.

It is a time for reflection and inner work that should be honoured and valued. It is a time to prepare you for the season of growth and action. Do not underestimate the power of this quiet, in-between time. Instead, go within, listen, imagine, feel, integrate, surrender, and discover more layers of yourself.


How can you support yourself during your Inner Winter?

Renata Clarke, the intuitive Master Reiki energy healer I Worcester UK, working with high vibration energies for a deep transformation to expand your consciousness and help you step in your inner power.

✔️Set aside some time for meditation or quiet reflection.

✔️Make time for creative pursuits, such as writing, drawing or dancing.

✔️Bring in some gratitude; motivate your inner self to visualise beyond.

✔️Rest more whenever possible.

✔️Don’t judge yourself too harshly.


Standing in your power is a state of being and starts with your conscious decision to claim your power. My goal is to help you heal all parts of yourself  and facilitate deep internal transformation so you can live an empowered life filled with purpose and be your best self. 

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