Divine Feminine versus Divine Masculine

Divine masculine and divine feminine energy exist in all things—people included. Not to be confused with male versus female, divine feminine and masculine energies can be accessed by all of us, and part of the spiritual path is getting them into a state of balance.

Divine Masculine versus Divine Feminine

Divine masculine and divine feminine energy exist in all things—people included.

Not to be confused with male versus female, divine feminine and masculine energies can be accessed by all of us, and part of the spiritual path is getting them into a state of balance.

We live in a masculine world where strength is perceived as power, achievement, and success. It’s a world where men and women embody masculine energy and disconnect from their feminine aspects. Because, somehow, we associate femininity with weakness.

This misconception has led to a much more profound disconnection from our true essence. On top of that, this inner imbalance creates disharmony in our relationships.

However, we live now in extraordinary times of shift and great awakening. As Earth’s frequency is rising, so is the collective frequency of humanity which leads to expanding our consciousness and awakening 0spiritual gifts. The divine feminine is on the rise, bringing more balance, and healing toxic masculinity and distorted feminine energy.

Feminine and masculine energies are two polar energies present in everything there is. For example, in major Chinese philosophical concepts, these energies are described as yin and yang — universal opposite but interconnected forces fundamental to any creational process on macro and micro levels.

Essentially, yin represents receptivity, and yang corresponds to giving. So in you, receiving is a manifestation of your feminine, and giving is an action of your masculine. Although we are all born with both energies, you have one prevalent energy corresponding to your essence.

Let’s dive a little deeper into both energies.

yin yang symbol on brown beach sand

The Divine Masculine


The divine masculine is very action-based, focused on doing rather than being. Where the divine feminine represents Universal Motherhood, the divine masculine is Universal Fatherhood energy. It’s all about things like structure, logic, and taking charge.


She adds that this energy relishes doing things in the real world, like having adventures, making change, saying what’s on your mind, and taking risks. It’s also an energy that’s often associated with things like logic and critical thinking. It is our inner warrior.


Divine masculine keywords 

    1. Risk-taking
    2. Assertiveness
    1. Action-oriented
    1. Discipline
    1. Boundaries
    1. Confidence
    1. Objectivity
    1. Logic and analysis
    1. Warrior
    1. Yang
    1. Survival



Connecting with your divine masculine

    • affirmations
    • take risks with confidence
    • connect with masculine teachers, archetypes and deities
    • more action
    • stand up for yourself
    • start even if you feel you are not ready



The Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is what allows us to just “be.” It is powerful, loving, and caring, and allows faith, trusting deep inner knowing and higher intuition. It allows us to take our time with observations. “She” discovers her way from the inside, by feeling wisdom, love, and freedom from within. She is magnetic and attracts what she wants simply by knowing that it is already hers; this allows for the manifestation of her dreams. The Wounded Feminine, on the other hand (the feminine energy when it is not in its full power or has been subject to trauma), demonstrates desperation, neediness, and manipulation.


Divine feminine keywords

    1. Receptiveness
    2. Intuition
    1. Introspection
    1. Forgiveness
    1. Compassion
    1. Heart-centered
    1. Emotions
    2. Acceptance
    1. Sensuality
    1. Ying
    1. Creativity



Connecting with your divine feminine 

    • practice self-love
    • embrace your sensuality
    • get in touch with your dreams
    • prioritize me-time
    • use your intuition
    • go within before acting
    • journal

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