Renata Clarke

About me

Renata Clarke, the intuitive Reiki energy healer I Worcester UK, working with high vibration energies for a deep transformation to expand your consciousness and help you step in your inner power.
Renata Clarke

Energy healer.

Human Design Reader.
Transformation Mentor.

What have I learned

- Your circumstances do not define you.

- Your failures do not define you.

- Your doubters do not define you.

- YOU define you..

Standing in your power is a state of being and starts with your conscious decision to claim your power. My goal is to help you heal all parts of yourself  and facilitate deep internal transformation so you can live an empowered life filled with purpose and be your best self.

My journey started with battling a chronic degenerative joint condition which prompted me to dramatically change my lifestyle and eventually changed the way I felt about my own body and myself. Little did I know this was also going to lead me to a sudden and unintended spiritual awakening.

After a number of spiritual and energetic experiences, I was intuitively guided to begin training as an energy healer. Starting with traditional Usui Reiki, I quickly moved on to integrating other Reiki energies such as Angel Reiki, Dragon Reiki and Kundalini Reiki to name a few. I LOVED receiving new healing modalities – and eventually sending them to my clients, as well, as a practitioner – because it helped tie together the missing pieces. I realised that so much of my illness and my clients’ health issues were deeply rooted in energetic blockages and imbalances that finally shifted through energy work.

Although energy healing was not something I had ever envisioned for myself, it turned out to be my soul gift I feel very strongly called to share it with the world. To me, healing is about empowering you to be all you can be by removing any blockages and distortions from both your physical and energy bodies so you can live the life you are meant to.

How am I different to most energy healers?

To me energy healing isn’t just a literal healing of medical issues, reducing stress, anxiety, and pain as well as increasing a sense of balance and relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is all very important and we need even more healers who will focus on these areas. 

As I have been deeply passionate about personal development for several years now and worked with energy to facilitate my own transformation, I know how profound shifts can be achieved through high-vibration frequencies. The energy channelled by an energy healer will, once integrated within you, speed up healing from physical issues, break through your energetic blocks, remove stagnant or negative energies, expand your consciousness and initiate the release of any mental, emotional or spiritual patterning that does not serve you. 

My approach to energy healing is to use it as it was intended originally: to raise your vibration, to facilitate deep changes within and to help you reconnect with yourself, find your purpose and live more with the flow of life rather than pushing against it. This is about releasing beliefs and behaviours not in alignment with your higher self and being empowered to share your authentic self and your gifts with the world. 

These sessions will empower you to detach from anything that no longer serves you and will transform your perception of yourself and the world around you. Coaching, which is a part of each session, will give you some actionable steps to help you be in more in alignment with your authentic self. I do not have any scripts or programs purchased from others. My coaching comes from my own experience and intuitive wisdom. 

If you’ve already started a transformational journey or want to change something and become the best version of yourself, you are in the right place. I’ve been there and done that. This does not mean I have everything figured out and have all the answers. I am on my own journey that will never end, however I am further down the track and can make things easier and quicker for you. 

Watch this introductory video to find out more about working with me.