Donation based group healing sessions

I wanted to bring monthly donation-based healing to the collective. I hope that in this way, you can receive healing, no matter what your circumstance. These Group Healings help heal the collective, bringing us & the Earth to a higher plane by releasing blockages and raising your frequency. Available for any donated amount starting from £5 for deep collective and individual healing.
Upcoming group healing

Personal Power Healing

In this Donation Based Group Healing, we are healing Past Life blocks and density in the body that is holding us back from Personal Sovereignty and Power.⁠

Release the density that is no longer serving you and step into your personal power. It is time to lighten your Light Body for Ascension. Past Life slavery release, releasing of vows and agreements, and all that comes up in session that is keeping us from Full Abundance and Sovereignty of Self. ⁠ ⁠

Renata Clarke, the intuitive Reiki energy healer I Worcester UK, working with high vibration energies for a deep transformation to expand your consciousness and help you step in your inner power.
January 2023 healing session

Personal Power Healing will include

✔️Clearing of Chakras & Full Auric Cleanse

✔️Removing Negative Attachments, Stories, Cords, & Implants

✔️Releasing Victimhood and Fear of Embodying Your Personal Power

✔️Releasing Religious Trauma & Feeling of Separation from the Source

✔️Help with Releasing Addictions

✔️Removal of any Connection to the 3D Matrix 5D Earth Grid Alignment

✔️Strengthening the Soul/Self Lineage – Connection to Light Beings in your Lineage
Releasing labels

✔️Higher Self/ Body Connection Clearing

✔️I AM Presence Healing and more

How it works

Receiving this healing

This healing is scheduled for 9pm GMT on 29th Jauary 2023 (Sunday). To receive this healing, simply click the button below to go to the donation page. Follow instructions to enter any amount you are called to give. Once you have been granted access to the relevant course page, you will have the opportunity to  add names of friends & family to your healing.

Be sure to do so by 5pm GMT on Sunday 29th January 2023, as this distance and remote healing will be sent to you through space & time at 9pm GMT.

This healing works through time and space forever so purchasing this audio for a monetary donation of your choosing and listening it activates the healing.

It will be activated for any other names you included in your donation when listening and you can activate their healing as well, as long as their Higher Self accepts it. Instructions are given in the recording.

Click below to enter your donation for this product for yourself and whoever else you want to include, and you will receive an email for access.

healing crystal grid, Empowered Healer, Renata Clarke
healing crystal grid, Empowered Healer, Renata Clarke

The healing will be sent to you remotely using Reiki symbols. You will later receive an email to access the audio of the session, plus pictures of the healing crystal grid and Oracle cards pulled during the session. You may listen again and again to receive more healing if you wish. Each monthly healing is created as a course on my website – you will be granted access to the relevant section shortly after your donation.